Lit: Delialioglu and Yildirim – Student perceptions of a BL environment

Great degree of relevance to my project, especially regarding learner perceptions.

Main points

  • Instructivist and constructivist elements are blended.
  • There is a need for meta-cognitive support.
  • Authentic learning activities, collaboration, type and source of motivation, individualized learning, and access to the Internet played important roles in students’ learning in the hybrid course.

Lit: Oh & Park – How are universities involved in blended instruction?

Directly relevant to my proposed study project:


Main points of interest

  • The most commonly selected blended method (64.4%) was face-to-face instruction with supplementary online instructional materials.
  • Faculty (95.9%) actively participated in designing, developing, and/or maintaining their instructional materials.
  • Most had positive attitudes towards blended instruction as they believed it played a role in improving the quality of their instruction.
  • Participating universities reported providing faculty with the necessary help such as an online help desk, workshops, instructional designers, and technology specialists in support of goals to increase the number of online or blended instruction.
  • Faculty workload (70.6%) and lack of faculty motivation and enthusiasm (61.8%) were the biggest challenges in pursuing the institutional goals.